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Reed diffuser sticks


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How are your reeds?

The reed is an important part of a reed diffuser. It is the reeds job to carry the scented base up out of the bottle to where it can be exposed to subtle drafts and be dispersed. A thicker and longer reed allows more scent to be exposed to the air currents in your space, therefore dispersing more fragrance throughout the room.  Some people like a lighter aroma in the room so prefer the smaller reeds. We like to keep everybody happy, so we decided to have 2 sizes available  – 3mm x 200mm and 5mm x 300mm

It is recommended that you replace your diffuser reeds regularly as they can become clogged with dust and will no longer allow the scented diffuser base to release. Also recommended is replacing your reeds when you change your fragrance.

Fragrance refills are available to enable the diffuser bottle to be reused – Diffuser Base

*See our Product care and safety section care to optimise your diffuser experience*